The new episode of ‘Moments’: a live electronic and piano sonorization by the Italian composer Corgiat on ‘Spedizione Polare del Capitano Kleinschmidt’ restored film from 1914. A journey in a suspended atmosphere evoked by the northern landscape of Alaska accompanied by the emotional sounds of the musician. ⠀

Between 1911 and 1913 Frank Kleinschmidt shot some of the oldest existing Arctic hunting images. The “Captain”, as he liked to be called, was a German immigrant who had already moved to Alaska many years before. He was 40 years old, with a bad temperament, and not much money at his disposal, but certainly did not lack the proverbial pioneer spirit of initiative. But, most importantly, he thought that cinema and photography were the modern man’s way to “a renewed call to wild nature”.⠀
Corgiat plays the piano and his electronic instruments over this stunning scenario. ⠀

In collaboration with:
Seeyousound Festival
Museo Nazionale del Cinema