The Bridges of Graffiti is positioned thirty years after “Border Art. New York Graffiti ”, the exhibition curated by Francesca Alinovi who in 1984 brought the main exponents of New York graffiti art to Italy.

The ten artists on show Eron, Futura, Doze Green, Todd James, Jayone, Mode2, SKKI ©, Teach, Boris Tellegen, ZeroT worked together for the first time to create a single collaborative work, a sort of Hall of Fame on the walls of the Arterminal space, to which are added a series of site specific works created specifically for the event on the occasion of the 2015 Vennice Biennale.

While the walls are home to the large collective fresco, a documentation of this multifaceted art form at its beginning is exhibited through the photographic images by Henry Chalfant e Martha Cooper.

The name Arterminal (Terminal of Art) has been specifically chosen to evoke the relevance of the harbor for the city of Venice, strengthening its international relevance and facilitating the exchange and the encounter between different cultures and different forms of art, as a result.

The Exhibition received the Patronage of UNESCO