La natura, una faccenda ottusa
Alighiero Boetti

These editions are referred to a work the Artist made for the 1990 Venice Biennial. With the use of template, different kinds of animals are represented on each plate both in negative and in positive, giving a shape of vital procreation in a circular and endless chase. A continuous line of writing runs through the ornamental strip mixing Afghanistan and Pakistan drawings and seals impressed in a progressive frequency in order to delimit the set of each part. The Artist doesn’t live in or dare the Nature, but reinvent it every day. He chooses details, character, unintentional irony, symbols of all the creation infinite aspects. Hence a poetical universe outdoes the nature creating independently its own rules and “raison d’être”.


portfolio with 5 silkscreens ( 27 colors)
60 x 120 cm each
edition of 75


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