Giulio Paolini

The four photolithographs each depict a bound book with blank pages, opened to different extents each time: a quarter of the way in the first instance, halfway in the second, three quarters in the third, and fully open in the fourth. Between the pages of the book are some chalk fragments, and it is “paged through” by a cast of a hand. “As if the act of writing (and reading) produces, page by page, a material deposit (the text investigates and reflects upon sculpture as the place or very possibility of form): until it confuses, dissolves the two elements, ultimately transforming the text into sculpture.

Giulio Paolini


Portfolio with four photolithographs on paper,
folded and stitched on support
Limited Edition of 50

Paper size: 35 x 50 cm
Plate size: 24.4 x 34.7 cm
Medium: Photolithograph

Signed and numbered on the reverse
Printed and published by Noire Edition, 1983


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