Giulio Paolini

The nine screen prints make up a large ‘picture,’ inhabited by four footmen in eighteenth-century costumes arranged along the diagonals. The footmen – who in Paolini language represent ‘stagehands’, discreet witnesses of the act of representation – present details of astronomical maps that respectively illustrate the stars ‘Pictor’ and ‘Sculptor’ (the latter belongs to the constellation of ‘Phoenix’, mentioned in the title of the edition). The perspective vanishing point, hinted at in pencil along the diagonals, meets in the center a rectangle of the same dimensions as the star charts, which in turn contains a small cut-out square, a kind of vanishing point towards an unlimited space, or conversely, a ‘blind window’.

Bettina Della Casa


9 plates
Limited Edition of 60

Size: 50 x 70 cm each
Total size 150 x 210 cm
Medium: Punched screenprint and pencil on Fabriano Rosaspina paper

Signed and numbered on the front
Produced and published by Noire Edition, 1992


Additional Info:

All limited editions are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity by the publisher
Optional frame


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