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Noire Gallery - NOIRE
Noire Gallery - NOIRE
Noire Gallery - NOIRE

Paolo Icaro opens the expositive season in Turin with two shows: a major retrospective at the GAM-Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea and SCOSE (UNTHINGS), a solo exhibition specifically realised for the Noire Gallery spaces.

SCOSE (UNTHINGS) represents a set of large works on paper along with a precious artist book that, as per tradition, the gallery designs for every solo show.

Images of gravity and lightness, of material and abstraction, of measure and excess.
Synthetic and essential, Paolo Icaro’s works tell a story of unstable relations between body and space, geometries and places.
In the works exhibited at Noire Gallery, the paper is the sculpture that returns the memory of creative gesture, by giving weight and footprint as wells as a “theoretical surface” on which the hand practises and creates.

The artist doesn’t use inert and passive materials, however he uses materials open to the flow of time, to the changing temperatures, to the transformation of shapes and physical balance.

Its state is the one of the “unfinished”, of becoming and mobility. This is how every used medium (paper, chalk, glass or steel), despite taking shape of the truth of the body, witnesses the endless possibilities in the matter itself.
Icaro explores the space that has to be measured both physically and mentally, to seek out as time goes by.

A world of SCOSE (UNTHINGS), floating and on the move, this is what the artist tells in the show whereby project and accidentality come together. In the book realised for the exhibition he writes “…unthings take their names and turn into things: the name of an unthing turns it into a thing”. The artist concludes by citing the famous verse by Jorge Luis Borges: “Todas las cosas son palabras”.

Noire Gallery - NOIRE
20 September - 18 October 2019