Exhibition View

Chinese Fun is a project which was realised in China in 2013 and represents the evolution of the artist’s work on the concept of false and synthetic. The photograps depict acquatic parks, places of pleasure for the mass when they are not being used, offering an unseen panorama. The artist works on the absence and the silence in the representation of these places which are created for people and now pictured unusually empty, revealising their surreal and bewildering nature. It is reality which speaks and the photograph explores the border line between vision, which depicts reality, and the spectator’s  expectations, a possible reality is shown. Chinese Fun offers another artistic aspect expressed in the concept of memory, in the ”other” place as the catalyzer of present desires and future memories, in the idea of holiday and of amusement, the suspension of the daily routine which the author studies and speaks of in images.

Noire Gallery - NOIRE
10 October - 20 December 2013