Project View

Noire Gallery is delighted to announce A Revolutionary Shot, an exhibition dedicated to Alberto Korda’s photographic work and part of the Fo.To project by Museo Ettore Fico.

The show exhibits several shots, original vintage photographs recently restored by the Khepri Laboratory: personal photos, photos taken for magazines and portraits for political propaganda that non only document but become the symbol of the Cuban Revolution.

Born as fashion photographer, in 1960 Alberto Korda became photojournalist for the newspaper Revolución and realised the powerful shot Heroic Guerrilla, an immortal portrait of Che Guevara which has since become the most reproduced image in the history of photography and became a worldwide emblem of revolution and rebellion. Later designated as Fidel Castro’s official photographer, Korda captured the years of the Cuban Revolution telling through his photos the private and public, the vulnerable and heroic aspects of Cuban life, understanding and reproducing its soul, often contradictory, rather than simply documenting the historical facts.

Master of the black and white, Korda pursuits the perfect composition and framing and prefers to take photos in natural light. Thanks to his creative ambition, he innovated the traditional Cuban photography and gave life to immortal, powerful and communicative photos: “Forget the camera, forget the lens, forget all of that. With any four-dollar camera, you can capture the best picture”.

3 May - 16 June 2019